Fw: Dairy mar

Thursday 28 March Today no asa keiko. Flu yesterday. Today took medication. Cracks on fingers and heel. Apply cream. Invited to Nakao sensei’s house for breakfast and aikido. ‘ + ‘ aikido. After asa gohan helped clean up at Nadaya. Akiko san have to go and see her mother. Nakao sensei go gor his dentist appointment. Aki went for children’s class at 4.45. I didnt go as my condition is not so good. Joined Aki for 6.30 Salji sensei ‘s class. Knees not so but can ukemi a bit. Nice keiko. [a:https://go.onelink.me/107872968?pid=InProduct&c=Global_Internal_YGrowth_AndroidEmailSig__AndroidUsers&af_wl=ym&af_sub1=Internal&af_sub2=Global_YGrowth&af_sub3=EmailSignature]ent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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