Fw: 全日本合気道演武大会の作文 est

“This was my third time to attend the All-Japan Aikido Demonstration Day in
Tokyo. Each year I have thought that I would just go the once, but then
another year has rolled around and I have felt the urge to attend again. I
have never regretted my decision, as it seems to become more enjoyable each
year and is always inspiring.
This year was especially exciting and busy, as there seemed to be so many
great demonstrations to watch. Naturally it is always good to watch the
demonstrations of the high-ranking teachers, especially those who we know
well, like Endo Sensei, Kuribayashi Sensei, Yasuno Sensei and Suzuki Sensei.
This year, Kuribayashi Sensei’s demonstration was made even more exciting by
him having chosen Hatanaka San to be one of his ‘uke’. Of course Hatanaka
San did a great job! The other exciting demonstration to watch was by
Seibukan’s Ide San. As expected, he gave a very calm, impressive
performance, with Nioka San and Hatanaka San as his ‘uke’.
The other great thing about attending this event, is that it is an
opportunity to catch up with aikido friends from all over the country and
some from overseas too. It’s just a pity that we didn’t have much time to
chat or to practise aikido together!”

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