A running day :D

This morning was very nice with sun and wind. I have been at Sensei’s home at 8 Am but I forgot my Dogi so I had to return by running to take it and when I was running back. Nakao sensei gone. it’s why I went alone for the first time by tramway to Kakogawa ;( . Akiko sensei helped me to go there with her notes and She called to her friend Nagaeama lady to waiting me at Kakogawa and go to dojo by her car (Akiko noted that “a lady red car” is waiting for you) . I like ‘red car lady’ haha 🙂
I like japanese tramway:) so fast and easy to go anywhere in japan but I was a little bit nervous at the first time. Thank Akiko sensei for her help. It is a great souvenir in japan with her at first day and today ^^:3
Kakogawa have a beautiful countryside with the olde houses like in the movies that I often see in Vietnam 😉
When I and Red car lady came to dojo Sensei was surprised:) and It’s also a running keiko with sensei and with Ladys noisys as said Sensei 🙂 but I like them and also the artist- Nishida sensei, and Takai sensei who give me an dilicious lunch at farm restaurant in Kakogawa :3
Many thanks to Nakao sensei for his teaching today and his patience for me. I learned one of the most importants things in aikido and my life. But I don’t want to tell. I keep inside 🙂
Tomorrow I will continue my notes for the first day in japan with the helping of Hatakana Kun who had a long day for waiting for me and also of Nakao sensei and Akiko sensei for me at their house.

— repeats in Japanese —




私と赤い車の女性が道場につくと先生は驚きました。そして、稽古は聞いていた通り忙しく賑やかなものでした。 アーチストの西田先生、そして素敵な昼食を加古川の牧場のレストランで振る舞って下さった高井先生、素晴らしい人々でした。



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