Day 4 at Kobe Seibukan

Sitting in temple and Keiko with Sensei Nakao and welcome party for me 🙂

” It’s really a walk and sitting and keiko to remember.
I woke up at 5 h30 and coffee and went to temple with Nakao sensei ( Akiko sensei canceled). 20 minutes to go to sitting at temple. The weather is always perfect for walking and sitting and keiko here 🙂
Nakao sensei taught me how to do and I just followed him. It’s my first time also to sitting in temple. But I felt very peaceful and I thought that I can do it. But after 10 minutes I can tell you that it’s more difficult than aikido keiko ;(. There one point I don’t know that the master will survey you and correct you and ‘pampam’ ;(( . But I’m lucky! I didn’t have one ‘ pampam’ ( you know what does it mean;))
Came back and breakfirst prepared by Akiko sensei :3 . I love her cooking and her french breakfast.
And Keiko in the morning teaching by Nakao sensei and Hamasaki sensei. I enjoy always their teaching. Today by their teaching, I got something about the center practice. ”

Sensei! I continue after 🙂
Have a nice week 🙂
Dong Hai

— repeats in Japanese —







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