Days 5

After sitting in the temple I feel better in Keiko, not worry anymore here. And I think that I can apply it to the practicing.

Yesterday after Jo Keiko morning with Nakao sensei, I got something about how to control the partner’s center and guide them without holding tightly the jo but I m still not good at all. We don’t practice aikijo in Ha noi so I need times to fit into! Many thanks to Seibukan senseis for the teaching.

I hope can get some progress here 🙂

After keiko, I went to Nara and sightseeing with Hatanaka san and his sister. It was a wonderful day to remember 🙂 they’re all the most wonderful guides in japan 😉

Comeback with him and keiko aslo by him :). Is he the youngest teacher in Seibukan? Very good teacher also :). Beautiful movement !
I finished my fifth day with the body painful but happy and thankfully 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —







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