Day 8

Days 8

I’m sitting in the shrine garden near Sensei’s home and watching people and the shrine. Feeling like in the movies that I watched. I don’t have the keiko this morning so I can go around and watch slowly everything here :). I love it!

Yesterday I did two keiko with Akiko sensei and the evening Keiko. Very interesting in Akiko sensei’s aikido! Beautiful:) and difficult too! It seems like she dances but strong one. Estella sensei and Hatanaka Kun helped me a lot. I’m sorry about my japanese. But I can understand what Seibukan senseis teached.
Now I’m okay in practice 😀 No pain anymore. I can do it, two or three keiko without any problems.

Two days ago I had chance to do keiko with Nakao sensei in Himeiji classe and I love the way he teached women but it sounds like they’re very noisy :). But their aikido is very impressed me too. I met Trang, vietnamese girl who is studying in Himeiji. She’s lovely and anothers too :).
We eated soba noodles after and sightseeing the last samurai temple without Nakao Sensei. It was a wonderful day too! I got many pictures and had a good time with three wonderful womans :D. I love them too! Many thanks for their welcoming to me 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —





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