Day 9

I’m trying to do my best:)

” It was raining this morning but after sunny. And it seems colder so the keiko is less hard. today Nakao sensei did Aiki ken. Akiko sensei came to and some also. Keiko in the morning is always difficult to me. I don’t usually do it in Vietnam but it doesn’t a big deal because sensei and Seibukan members always helped me a lot in practice.

I think Aiki ken is the most difficult in aikido practice. Today I were being caught many times. I died now haha ;). And I think I have to learn how to move softly and have to correct my body as many members said me  🙂
It is very helpful when Nakao sensei teaches with some explication. But I think the most important that you have practice every day with him to understand his aikido:D. Not easy at all;)

After Keiko I stayed at home and intended to write more notes but I slept ;( .

Keiko in the evening with Estella sensei and Ide Sensei is wonderful. They are so soft but powerful. They teached and corrected me. And another senseis too.

Tomorrow, we go to Tokyo. I’m excited now.

— repeats in Japanese —








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