Embukai and Hombu dojo

I went to Tokyo with Akiko sensei to go to the Embukai. For her, it’s her first time for the all japan demonstration. It surprised me. But whatever I think I know now how is a japanese wife:) like her ;).

When we arrived, she had to ask many time how to go to the Embukai. Haha, like me, she lost.

And when we arrived again at the Embukai, there’s so many people. Embukai is great:)
I meet some Senseis that I have seen or in Vietnam or in Youtube 😉 and meet Horii Sensei and Mochida Sensei, they teached me sometime in Vietnam in their seminars in Hanoi. And some friends too:). Aikido makes friends every where.

For the demonstration, I was a little bit nervous but when I saw many people did it in the same time. It made me being calm down 🙂
I was touched by the way they are so serious and do aikido with passion and Doshu said also that you have to do with passion. Lisa, my friend interpreted for me 🙂

Finally, Seibukan members finished their performance with passion:). Thanks Seibukan members to helped me. I feel like home here with you.

Beautiful experience with Akiko sensei in hotel and night in Tokyo:) and with Lisa also.

After Embukai, the morning after, we did Keiko in Hombu dojo and like Nakao sensei noted. You have no place for ukemi ;). But very interesting.

Sightseeing at Asakusa with Akiko sensei and Mochida sensei and younger Seibukans members  made me happy and so touched by their way. Thanks so much for Tokyo;) and thanks to Akiko sensen by the way she take care of me 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —









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