Fw: 6月2日_Hanh diary

それは合気道続く道の一つでしょうか? ベトナムではそんなこともう出来ますかね?

Because there is no practising this morning, so Hai and I go to Sanda dojo
together. At first, we didnt know how to buy train ticket, but luckily we
could ask some Vietnamese peple passing by. Finanly, we could go to
Sandahonmachi. I forgot my box contains my money and my passport also at
the train station, but it’s just there originally when I came back! I
really wonder how I can be if this happen in Vietnam!!! Hai and I still
laught loudly when we re-think about this!
I attended kid class at the afternoon! Certainlly, teaching kid in Japan
and in Vietnam totally diferrent! Endo teacher always asked the kids that
“how should you do correctly?” and gave them time to think about the way
doing technique. Besides, “stop” or ” dont do it” had never been used to
teach kids! When anyone did something good, he or she would be encouraged!
Surely I will pass this story to my Vietnamese friends!
Moreover, I had noticed something from these kids! One boy showed me.his
father’s name on the 5dan seniors list. His face had been so bright of
proud when he talked about hia father! I did wonder is that one of the way
aikido has been passed over generation? Is this possiblly happen in Vietnam?
After this class, I had been trained with Saji sensei. I had been heard and
practised “soft aikido” before, but I havent reached to it yet. Today, my
eyes have been opened more widely in front of “beautiful aikido”! And I’m
aware that I have to practise a lot more!

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