Fw: 6月3日_Hanh diary


Today, practising is quite interesting!
Firstly, It’s about Ms. Estla’s class. I was quite sleepy at 4pm because I
went to shopping right after lunch without any sleep! Thus, I help myself
with some tea. However, when I was practising I feel a little dizzy and
wondering myself what’s happening with me! After that, I realized about the
tea and try to get as many water as possible. Luckily, it worked and I felt
normal again. From now on, I promise myself not to take any tea before
practising ever again!
This afternoon, we had practising with Ide teacher. I have to say his
aikido is wonderful! In this training we had to move a lot. That will help
me with the “soft Aikido”^~^
I found out that teacher Ide is father of the son I had practised and
talked together with yesterday. It’s totally “like father, like son”!!!

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