Fw: 6月5日_Hanh diary


This morning, Hai, Lisa and I had been late for the meditation class. This
was so sad because I was always looking for this class!
However, we still can catch the morning practice. In today training, still
we had to move and run a lot. For people like me who need to get stronger,
this is very helpful. Still, i.makr uneccessary movement sometimes, and as
usual I have been corrected by my teacher and seniors.
Here, girls can wear Hakama from 5Kyu and man from 1st dan. In my dojo,
it’s 3kyu for girls and 1st Kyu for man. However, there are more girls in
Yuki about half the learners. Frankly, there are still much more Hakama in
Seibukan than in Yuki!
In both dojo, everybody is trying their best in practising, I think that’s
the most important thing!
When I first came here, I had been quite shock when I saw teacher could
talk freely with other member about normal thing. What is this atmosphere?
I can feel it but cannt explain it in detail!
In Yuki, we usually go for drink after each practise! Gradually, we get
closer to each other!

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