Fw: Dear Sensei !

I think I got something after the tanto, jo and ken training. Now I can move easily without tired.

Yesterday I went to kyoto and Sensei’s brother and his wife was waiting for us in there. It’s was raining but kyoto is beautiful in rain. They invited us to lunch in an very good restaurant with 400 years old. We visited Tokugawa Sogun Castle. I really like it. Many thanks to Mr Masato Nakao and Mrs Maki 🙂

After evening keiko we went to Sensei’s restaurant. We had a really good time together. I feel like home now. Thank you:)

Today, I did only two keikos. I couldn’t do the evening keiko because it too much for my knee.

I got some points in Akiko sensei’s aikido today. It is amazing her aikido.

In the women’s keiko I always have a feeling like you dance but I can’t dance 🙂

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