Fw: 6月6日_Hanh diary

Today we practised as usual in the early morning. After that Chihaya san
took us (Lisa, Hai and I) to the famous Port Tower and shopping
place_Harbor Land. It’s really funny. We enjoyed it so much! Ever since I
came here, I have been guided by many of Seibukan members around Kobe. What
is the deep kindness of them!!!
In the afternoon, we had been teaching by Hatanaka teacher. I must say his
aikido is so amazing. I feel so relax practising in his class!
When the class finish there were still someone left to practise a little
more. I saw Mr. Hatanaka and a girl named Mone practise Kotegaeshi. Oh!
That looked like she was flying over the air! Today I also found out a very
interesting thing of hakama! You will look trully biger when you put it on!
This should be another reason for me to take an Aikido exam afterward^~^

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