Fw: 6月7日_Hanh diary


Today, I was supposed to be late in bed because there would be no practise.
But when.I was in middle of a sweet dream, sensei came in and the dream was
gone (/_;)/~~ Lyckily, I could meet the practise on time!
We had plan to go to Kyoto today. Such a shame that I was late again just
because of rain!!!
I had heard a lot of interesting things about Kyoto before so I was.really
looking for this! Maybe beacuse Kyoto is a tourism city so you can not see
the electrical lines here, they are hidden under the ground! Compare with
Vietnam, we, in contrast, have a lot of electrical lines ( ̄O ̄)

In the afternoon, we had practising with Nioka sensei. It is so admirable
about sensei’s aikido! However, I’m always thinking about how can i keep
this style after caming back to Vietnam〜_〜

We had had a trully funny welcome party this evening! I could get to know
more and more about seibukan’s members. It was quite shock with me when I
know the true age of them.
There is a person who is at 54 years old but he looks like at 45 only. Also
another who looks like at 50 even that he is at 63 now!!! How amazing! At
first, I thought this is the same for all Japanese people, but it is not
true! I mainly meet Seibukan’s memebers so that’s why I’m felling that

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