Fw: 6月8日_Hanh diary

This morning, as usual, we practise with running a lot, in the same time,
trying to focus on our own center. This way totally works, at least for me.
I have heard frlm one of my senior, in other dojo they cannot laugh while
practising. However, in Seibukan we cannot keep non-laughing classes!
Frankly, is it wonderful to welcome a new day with laugh and heathy
Today lady class was just as fun as last week. In contrast internet
information, Japanese people both man and women are living a life with many
laugh, actually!
After beginner class in the afternoon, there was an American guy came for
watching class. I can feel that she did want to practise with us! When I
saw Seibukan members welcome new-comer it reminded me about my Dojo in

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