My mother told me that one master said to her that her daughter would be very lucky in life and others also said so but I always do not believe in that.

I think I have many chances to meet the people I do love and have chances to do the things I really want to do. But the chances come to you it doesn’t mean that you’re lucky but because You always work hard to find this 🙂

And today I have chances also 🙂
This morning I couldn’t do Mitori Keiko because my knee hurts much in the morning but I can Mitori Kimono by Akiko sensei. I’m lucky;) haha. It is beautiful:)


Now I know one of the reasons why japanese women are very thin because of the kimono (3kilos). And it takes time also.

After that I went to lunch with Seibukan younger members. They are so sweet:) And I really enjoyed the Kobe beef . Many thanks to Hatanaka san, Yano san, Yamamoto san, Mone san and Syunsuke san for your welcome to me here 🙂


The evening I also have chances to Mitori keiko of Kuribayashi sensei. It is great:)
I think his aikido is similar like aikido of Nakao sensei.

Very natural and powerful!
Beautiful like this flowers in front of Sensei’s restaurant 😉



— repeats in Japanese —











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