I love Kobe

Today I must to stop doing keiko but I can do Mitori keiko now 😉 and I can takes photos and videos. That’s what I do love too!!!! Like I love doing aikido 🙂

It is so funny when you always dream to have all day doing nothing and when you gotten it you already want to do something:))
Me too, Now I just whisper can practice every day 🙂

This morning keiko is very important for me because in Vietnam we don’t use to practice with two uke or three at the same time. I think we have to do it in every keiko.

Kobe is always sunny and cool. I will really missing it when I come back to Vietnam . And flowers in every corner . I love Kobe:)

— repeats in Japanese —




神戸はいつも天気がよく涼しいです。ベトナムに戻ったあともそれが恋しくなるでしょう。そして街角にはたくさんの花が。I love Kobe。

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