The last Sunday in Kobe

Today it’s my last Sunday in Kobe. I missed one more zazen in temple with Nakao Sensei.

It was raining after the seminar at Conan University. I feel some kind of sadness in my own but I enjoyed the Mitori keiko and can take some photos and videos:) and it is great because It will help me when I come back to Vietnam. But I prefer doing keiko.


And it is more important that I can do keiko tomorrow :D. I can walk easier today!  I feel really good.

Flowers are always beautiful every where 🙂


The sasimi in lunch is also oishi and fantastic. I have one more chance:). I really like the way Seibukan members talking with Nakao sensei and Kuribayashi sensei. Every one have to speech and me too. I felt a little bit nervous but whatever I can say thank to sensei and Seibukan members.


Come back to Kobe by walking with Akiko sensei. I think she was tired but I felt good because it is my last walking around with her in japan. I like it.

— repeats in Japanese —




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