Tokyo Trip

I’m fine and feel great. The first keiko in hombu dojo in Monday made me feel nervous, because I did not know anybody here.However I still joined Kanazawa and Yokota sensei class. And I met my friend again on that night and made more friends from New Zealand, incoincident one of them is Evan friend and he will go to Seibukan this June too, the others came from Australia.
Tuesday morning I cannot join waka sensei and Yasuno sensei class, I’m so tired and overslept to 12h (I slept 12 hours). After that I went to Shibuya to visit Hachiko, not shopping ^^, then I went to Shinagawa dojo with my friend who is Irie sensei’s deshi that I met him in Irie sensei seminar last month in Ho Chi Minh city.
Today I joined Namba sensei class, he called me to do uke in Hombu dojo, I will keep this moment in my whole life, cannot believe that I doing uke for shihan in Hombu dojo. And I will go to Miyamoto sensei class tonight. Also today I visited ? Tokyo Tower.

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