Tokyo Trip 本部稽古日誌 by h

> Subject: Tokyo Trip 本部稽古日誌 by h
> I’m fine and feel great. The first keiko in hombu dojo in Monday made me
> feel nervous, because I did not know anybody here.However I still joined
> Kanazawa and Yokota sensei class. And I met my friend again on that night
> and made more friends from New Zealand, incoincident one of them is Evan
> friend and he will go to Seibukan this June too, the others came from
> Australia.
> Tuesday morning I cannot join waka sensei and Yasuno sensei class, I’m so
> tired and overslept to 12h (I slept 12 hours). After that I went to Shibuya
> to visit Hachiko, not shopping ^^, then I went to Shinagawa dojo with my
> friend who is Irie sensei’s deshi that I met him in Irie sensei seminar
> last month in Ho Chi Minh city.
> Today I joined Namba sensei class, he called me to do uke in Hombu dojo, I
> will keep this moment in my whole life, cannot believe that I doing uke for
> shihan in Hombu dojo. And I will go to Miyamoto sensei class tonight. Also
> today I visited ? Tokyo Tower.




> I just did keiko with Hombu dojocho Misuteru Ueshiba sensei, he is a great
> sensei. Very basic very strong good axis and balance. As my foot is hurt
> due to walking and keiko, I cannot join keiko with Osawa sensei, but I
> still happy and will do keiko tonight with Kobayashi sensei.


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