Fw: Dairy

Aki arrived safely to Kobe. She is going for 1.30 Fuji san class and 2.30-3.30 Beautiful ladies class. I joined in at 3.15. Indeed it is a beautiful ladies class. Subarashi. The both of us recieved many aikido points. 6.30 aikido class with Mizuno san at Nadaya. We learned many waza from Mizuno san. Qoute – ” The answer is meaningless until you discover it yourself ” from the book “of human bondings. Along with a posh meal at Nadaya always. [a:https://go.onelink.me/107872968?pid=InProduct&c=Global_Internal_YGrowth_AndroidEmailSig__AndroidUsers&af_wl=ym&af_sub1=Internal&af_sub2=Global_YGrowth&af_sub3=EmailSignature]ent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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