Fw: Dairy

Wed. 27 March Woke up at 5.30am. Asked to watch Nakao sensei keiko. Knees not so good. There are cracks on 2 fingers and 2 toes and heel. Painful if put pressure on them. Asked my wife Aki to bring cream from Tonemachi. Sensei told me that he decided to do only 1 keiko a day 15 years ago. Its good advice for me too. Its was an interesting keiko. A mix of Endo sensei and Seibukan style. Met with Nakata san. 67 years old with more than 40 years in aikido. He was with the late Abe sensei for about 10 years. We talked a bit about Abe sensei aikido as I keiko with Abe sensei in Singapore and once at Suita dojo after the IAF. [a:https://go.onelink.me/107872968?pid=InProduct&c=Global_Internal_YGrowth_AndroidEmailSig__AndroidUsers&af_wl=ym&af_sub1=Internal&af_sub2=Global_YGrowth&af_sub3=EmailSignature]ent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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