Fw: Dairy. Sat. mar

Saturday 30 March Woke up at 7.30. Feeling condition better than yesterday. Medicine working. Aki said these 5 days for her in Seibukan is also ” slimming course “. I agree. She need to be beautiful lady. 9.30 asa keiko. Nakao sensei. After warming up. Did some jo kihon waza. Keiko with Shinya Kinoshita san my Fbook friend. Very yasashi to me. Said goodbye to Estella san as she will come tomorrow. See her in Saku international seminar. After class asked Nakao sensei about katatedori and katadori ikkyo. We were invited for BBQ lunch at Hirotani san ‘ house. There we met Terutani san too. Both of them visited Malaysia. Went to kengaku 3.00 childrens class. Aki keiko. After 20 mins my stomach start to cramp. Came back to house and drink Pokari sweat. Aki continued to 4.30 class. She was lucky as only 1 girl turned up. This girl is judo black belt. Aki keiko with sensei and the girl. She can pick up many aikido points. Must find out why this girl do aikido since she is a black belt in judo. Aki continued 6.00 keiko. Eto sensei asked the class who attended Endo sensei seminar. Keiko with towel on the head. Keep body upright. Aki have a chance to keiko with Kojima san. Showed her ushiro waza. Seibukan members supported us so much. Arigato. After 4 keiko Aki finally gave up. She wanted to do 5 keiko. She is Japanese ! Semeru / ukeru. Nakao sensei mentionedthat seme is importantfor uke and final part is ukeru. I hope I got this right.

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