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I would like to thank Nakao Sensei, Akiko Sensei and Inori-san for coming to Malaysia to teach us and practice with us Aikido. I really enjoyed Nakao Sensei way of teaching and got to experience smooth, powerful, natural and beautiful aikido. I was fortunate to attend Thursday and Friday sessions and get thrown by Nakao Sensei all over the dojos in all directions. I never felt that light in a long while! The first throw took me by surprise and didn’t have time to worry about my injured ribs. The good feeling while I was flying in the air made me forget about everything (including the hot and humid weather) and I kept going for more. Nakao Sensei handled me, an over 80kg heavy guy, like I was 40kg! I truly enjoyed it!
I didn’t only enjoy taking ukemi but also learning and experiencing simple but powerful aikido mixed with fun. Just raise your hands vertically to the sky and you’re in control of your opponent to gracefully bring her/him to earth! Just coil yourself horizontally as a spring and release her/him effortlessly to the horizon! Direct the uke’s momentum while using your ki and you will be in full control of the situation. And in the middle of all that, Nakao Sensei uses “children” Japanese games to teach and deliver his powerful techniques. These simple games had so many effects on me; I went back to my child-nature and opened up my mind, they made me realize the true essence of the related techniques, and most importantly go through the whole seminar with a smile on my face. Everyone was smiling!
I really enjoyed Nakao Sensei’s teaching and I’m very grateful to be able to meet him again. Unfortunately I got very sick and could not attend Saturday and Sunday seminars. I missed Akiko Sensei’s session but I was very lucky to learn from her and train during Thursday’s session. I also enjoyed training with Inori-san who had a graceful style of aikido; smooth yet powerful movements with a beautiful smile on her face.
Thank you very much Nakao Sensei, Akiko Sensei and Inori-san from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much Marcus Sensei and Aki-san for organizing these wonderful seminars and giving us the opportunity to learn more and more. どうもありがとうございました.

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