合気道 神戸せいぶ館|合気会|笑顔があふれる楽しい道場


Hai’s dialy


My mother told me that one master said to her that her daughter would be very lucky in life and others also said so but I always do not believe in that.

I think I have many chances to meet the people I do love and have chances to do the things I really want to do. But the chances come to you it doesn’t mean that you’re lucky but because You always work hard to find this 🙂

And today I have chances also 🙂
This morning I couldn’t do Mitori Keiko because my knee hurts much in the morning but I can Mitori Kimono by Akiko sensei. I’m lucky;) haha. It is beautiful:)


Now I know one of the reasons why japanese women are very thin because of the kimono (3kilos). And it takes time also.

After that I went to lunch with Seibukan younger members. They are so sweet:) And I really enjoyed the Kobe beef . Many thanks to Hatanaka san, Yano san, Yamamoto san, Mone san and Syunsuke san for your welcome to me here 🙂


The evening I also have chances to Mitori keiko of Kuribayashi sensei. It is great:)
I think his aikido is similar like aikido of Nakao sensei.

Very natural and powerful!
Beautiful like this flowers in front of Sensei’s restaurant 😉



— repeats in Japanese —











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I love Kobe

Today I must to stop doing keiko but I can do Mitori keiko now 😉 and I can takes photos and videos. That’s what I do love too!!!! Like I love doing aikido 🙂

It is so funny when you always dream to have all day doing nothing and when you gotten it you already want to do something:))
Me too, Now I just whisper can practice every day 🙂

This morning keiko is very important for me because in Vietnam we don’t use to practice with two uke or three at the same time. I think we have to do it in every keiko.

Kobe is always sunny and cool. I will really missing it when I come back to Vietnam . And flowers in every corner . I love Kobe:)

— repeats in Japanese —




神戸はいつも天気がよく涼しいです。ベトナムに戻ったあともそれが恋しくなるでしょう。そして街角にはたくさんの花が。I love Kobe。

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Saji sensei’s classe

Today it’s the evening keiko of Saji sensei. It was a little bit hotter than others days but I really like it!

Aikido is like as you are between friends. If you really like to do it so do it! Like you love someone so do what ever you want to do for the one you love 🙂

Many thanks to Saji sensei, Obata Kunio sensei, Lisa san, Sonoda san, Hatanaka san, Yano san and others … To help me in keiko.
I got many things 🙂

Yesterday I missed the Shinagawa Sensei’s classe. I hope can do it on next week.

— repeats in Japanese —

Today it’s the evening keiko of Saji sensei. It was a little bit hotter than others days but I really like it!




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visiting Kyoto

I think I got something after the tanto, jo and ken training. Now I can move easily without tired.

Yesterday I went to kyoto and Sensei’s brother and his wife was waiting for us in there. It’s was raining but kyoto is beautiful in rain. They invited us to lunch in an very good restaurant with 400 years old. We visited Tokugawa Sogun Castle. I really like it. Many thanks to Mr Masato Nakao and Mrs Maki 🙂

After evening keiko we went to Sensei’s restaurant. We had a really good time together. I feel like home now. Thank you:)

Today, I did only two keikos. I couldn’t do the evening keiko because it too much for my knee.

I got some points in Akiko sensei’s aikido today. It is amazing her aikido.

In the women’s keiko I always have a feeling like you dance but I can’t dance 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —







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roses are red violets are blue

Today I was sick in car and I felt really bad it’s why I didn’t do the evening keiko ;(.

But the ballade in the woods with Kazumi and her husband Kouichi was wonderful. A moment like this is to remember forever. I hope she gets better and come back to aikido.

Sometimes I don’t know how to write every day so I just do it when I really want to do.

I really want to say thanks to Saji sensei and Ide sensei and all Seibukan members to correct my back and my hands and aiki practice every day. But someway you have to do daily :).

After 2 weeks of Keiko every day I can see now clearly the aikido movement in here, especially the ones of Nakao sensei 😉

What ever, “roses are red violets are blue ” 😉

— repeats in Japanese —




After 2 weeks of Keiko every day I can see now clearly the aikido movement in here, especially the ones of Nakao sensei 😉


とにかく、 “ばらは赤く、すみれは青い ” 😉

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Embukai and Hombu dojo

I went to Tokyo with Akiko sensei to go to the Embukai. For her, it’s her first time for the all japan demonstration. It surprised me. But whatever I think I know now how is a japanese wife:) like her ;).

When we arrived, she had to ask many time how to go to the Embukai. Haha, like me, she lost.

And when we arrived again at the Embukai, there’s so many people. Embukai is great:)
I meet some Senseis that I have seen or in Vietnam or in Youtube 😉 and meet Horii Sensei and Mochida Sensei, they teached me sometime in Vietnam in their seminars in Hanoi. And some friends too:). Aikido makes friends every where.

For the demonstration, I was a little bit nervous but when I saw many people did it in the same time. It made me being calm down 🙂
I was touched by the way they are so serious and do aikido with passion and Doshu said also that you have to do with passion. Lisa, my friend interpreted for me 🙂

Finally, Seibukan members finished their performance with passion:). Thanks Seibukan members to helped me. I feel like home here with you.

Beautiful experience with Akiko sensei in hotel and night in Tokyo:) and with Lisa also.

After Embukai, the morning after, we did Keiko in Hombu dojo and like Nakao sensei noted. You have no place for ukemi ;). But very interesting.

Sightseeing at Asakusa with Akiko sensei and Mochida sensei and younger Seibukans members  made me happy and so touched by their way. Thanks so much for Tokyo;) and thanks to Akiko sensen by the way she take care of me 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —









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Day 9

I’m trying to do my best:)

” It was raining this morning but after sunny. And it seems colder so the keiko is less hard. today Nakao sensei did Aiki ken. Akiko sensei came to and some also. Keiko in the morning is always difficult to me. I don’t usually do it in Vietnam but it doesn’t a big deal because sensei and Seibukan members always helped me a lot in practice.

I think Aiki ken is the most difficult in aikido practice. Today I were being caught many times. I died now haha ;). And I think I have to learn how to move softly and have to correct my body as many members said me  🙂
It is very helpful when Nakao sensei teaches with some explication. But I think the most important that you have practice every day with him to understand his aikido:D. Not easy at all;)

After Keiko I stayed at home and intended to write more notes but I slept ;( .

Keiko in the evening with Estella sensei and Ide Sensei is wonderful. They are so soft but powerful. They teached and corrected me. And another senseis too.

Tomorrow, we go to Tokyo. I’m excited now.

— repeats in Japanese —








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Day 8

Days 8

I’m sitting in the shrine garden near Sensei’s home and watching people and the shrine. Feeling like in the movies that I watched. I don’t have the keiko this morning so I can go around and watch slowly everything here :). I love it!

Yesterday I did two keiko with Akiko sensei and the evening Keiko. Very interesting in Akiko sensei’s aikido! Beautiful:) and difficult too! It seems like she dances but strong one. Estella sensei and Hatanaka Kun helped me a lot. I’m sorry about my japanese. But I can understand what Seibukan senseis teached.
Now I’m okay in practice 😀 No pain anymore. I can do it, two or three keiko without any problems.

Two days ago I had chance to do keiko with Nakao sensei in Himeiji classe and I love the way he teached women but it sounds like they’re very noisy :). But their aikido is very impressed me too. I met Trang, vietnamese girl who is studying in Himeiji. She’s lovely and anothers too :).
We eated soba noodles after and sightseeing the last samurai temple without Nakao Sensei. It was a wonderful day too! I got many pictures and had a good time with three wonderful womans :D. I love them too! Many thanks for their welcoming to me 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —





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Days 5

After sitting in the temple I feel better in Keiko, not worry anymore here. And I think that I can apply it to the practicing.

Yesterday after Jo Keiko morning with Nakao sensei, I got something about how to control the partner’s center and guide them without holding tightly the jo but I m still not good at all. We don’t practice aikijo in Ha noi so I need times to fit into! Many thanks to Seibukan senseis for the teaching.

I hope can get some progress here 🙂

After keiko, I went to Nara and sightseeing with Hatanaka san and his sister. It was a wonderful day to remember 🙂 they’re all the most wonderful guides in japan 😉

Comeback with him and keiko aslo by him :). Is he the youngest teacher in Seibukan? Very good teacher also :). Beautiful movement !
I finished my fifth day with the body painful but happy and thankfully 🙂

— repeats in Japanese —







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A running day :D

This morning was very nice with sun and wind. I have been at Sensei’s home at 8 Am but I forgot my Dogi so I had to return by running to take it and when I was running back. Nakao sensei gone. it’s why I went alone for the first time by tramway to Kakogawa ;( . Akiko sensei helped me to go there with her notes and She called to her friend Nagaeama lady to waiting me at Kakogawa and go to dojo by her car (Akiko noted that “a lady red car” is waiting for you) . I like ‘red car lady’ haha 🙂
I like japanese tramway:) so fast and easy to go anywhere in japan but I was a little bit nervous at the first time. Thank Akiko sensei for her help. It is a great souvenir in japan with her at first day and today ^^:3
Kakogawa have a beautiful countryside with the olde houses like in the movies that I often see in Vietnam 😉
When I and Red car lady came to dojo Sensei was surprised:) and It’s also a running keiko with sensei and with Ladys noisys as said Sensei 🙂 but I like them and also the artist- Nishida sensei, and Takai sensei who give me an dilicious lunch at farm restaurant in Kakogawa :3
Many thanks to Nakao sensei for his teaching today and his patience for me. I learned one of the most importants things in aikido and my life. But I don’t want to tell. I keep inside 🙂
Tomorrow I will continue my notes for the first day in japan with the helping of Hatakana Kun who had a long day for waiting for me and also of Nakao sensei and Akiko sensei for me at their house.

— repeats in Japanese —




私と赤い車の女性が道場につくと先生は驚きました。そして、稽古は聞いていた通り忙しく賑やかなものでした。 アーチストの西田先生、そして素敵な昼食を加古川の牧場のレストランで振る舞って下さった高井先生、素晴らしい人々でした。



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